Unique recruitment concept

Our unique concept ensures the quality of our candidates and provides a stable employment arrangement for both candidates and employers.
We approach the task methodically and professionally!

First contact

We hold regular meetings with prospective applicants, assessing those who possess the requisite professional and personal qualifications to secure employment and authorization in the UK.


We contact local authorities, verify the candidates' documentation, and ensure certified translations where necessary.

Authorisation with the NMC

We manage communication with The Nursing and Midwifery Council all the way until the Registered Nurse authorisation is obtained.

Presentation of candidates

In partnership with hospitals, we've crafted a structured candidate presentation, comprising a healthcare CV and a personal statement outlining the motivation for seeking nursing positions in the UK.

Preparatory education

We assist our candidates with preparations for the IELTS test.

Candidate list

The candidates are enrolled on our candidate list and presented to interested hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.

Job interviews

Based on a candidate shortlist, we arrange online presentations followed by interviews. If desired, physical meetings with the candidates can also be arranged.

Direct employment

The candidate is employed under the relevant collective agreement for the sector, directly with the client on a full-time basis.


After starting a new job, we schedule follow-up meetings with the candidates as agreed.

We support our candidates

Alongside the support we offer our candidates throughout the recruitment process, we focus on facilitating a successful transition to a new job and life in the UK.

Introduction to the UK

We assist our candidates with work and residency permits, setting up bank accounts, navigating relevant tax matters, and providing support in developing a personal budget.

Housing search

We explore local options and assist in finding suitable accommodation for our candidates.


After starting a new job, we schedule follow-up meetings with the candidates as agreed.

Free of charge for candidates

We do not charge candidates for our services.